filename normalization done + bunch hl2dm maps

Converting file names to lowercase is completed successfully.

Affected files/maps:

jump_desert_V1 -> jump_desert_v1
tfdb_iPhones_3G -> tfdb_iphones_3g
jump_QuBA -> jump_quba
tfdb_clambake_V1 -> tfdb_clambake_v1
Jump_majoras_a3 -> jump_majoras_a3
SlideRace_City -> sliderace_city
Slide_IcyRun_Beta -> slide_icyrun_beta
slide_Tara_v5 -> slide_tara_v5
Slide_MiningCaves -> slide_miningcaves
Slide_FaceToDeath_b1 -> slide_facetodeath_b1
Sliderace_Techno -> sliderace_techno


Furthermore we gained a big bunch of new hl2dm maps from Ade, thx for that!

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