Latest maps added

Just to give you guys a status update what’s got uploaded, here are the uploads from this & last week:


  • dm_mariokart_v1
  • dm_mariokart2_b3
  • sd_qbert_a2
  • tc_hydro_v2
  • pl_moonlit_b5
  • 1up_granary
  • cp_orange_final
  • ctf_2fort_unleashed_night
  • ctf_aerospace_b4
  • ctf_arenagate_b4
  • ctf_boneyard
  • ctf_deli_b6
  • ctf_moonchies_b2
  • ctf_turbine2_a1
  • ctf_wiretap_b1

Thanks for the suggestions.

For any questions use the forum as usual.

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