Some Statistics

Hello again!

Today I want to talk about some numbers I collected over the past 7 months. This project exist much longer of course, but I haven’t got download records from before 03′ 14.

There are some really interesting facts, to be honest, some of them surprise even me while I was writing this.

Ok, lets get started!

OpenFastDL delivered 150 268 files over the last seven months, which is equivalent to 146.5 TB of data. Based on the current size of the file database (5.5 GB), each single file got downloaded 26 636 times. But there is more! In all this time this blog is running now, it blocked 1,274,522 spam comments and had around 2 696 visitors with about 8 226 page views. About 85 suggested maps/models/sounds/materials got approved and uploaded for at least 3 different games.


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  1. Hey! Can I add one map to your stash? And also, this is a REALLY nice idea! Having a “community pool”, instead of all of us having different maps

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