How it works

Use OpenFastDL is very simple.

The only thing you have to do in order to use our fastdl is to use the correct sv_downloadurl in your server config. Our FastDL is available at<gamecode>/


Example for TF 2

sv_downloadurl “”


This makes all the files for TF2 available to your gameserver guests.


  1. Thanks alot of making this website . This fixed my server missing maps and low speed . Also I will donate soon !
    And by the way guys you need to fix the sv_downloadurl “” it dind’t work like this and i tried
    using instead sv_downloadurl ”” with http:// and without the / at last . Hope this fix
    for some people if it dind’t work for them !

    Thanks again for the website hosters I really love you guys . I really hope this website stay free and opened really need it . Thanks a lot !

    With all my respect!

    1. Thx for all the commendation. I recently changed the howto description (was like your suggestion before) because I thought I read something about a change in the source engine about that, may was wrong. Rechanged. Sincerely

  2. I just want to tell you guys that you are amazing people. It’s such a pain to pay for a host, and it’s pretty much impossible to use custom maps without a fast dl site. This website fixes that problem. I thank you for doing this, not everyone can afford to have a dl site. You are great people, and I wish you guys a great life cause i think you deserve it.

  3. Is this service still being developed or has it been abandon. I would like to see more maps being added to this and maybe expand it to models/plugins/etc.

  4. This. This right here is the single best thing I have seen for servers on any Source game.
    The minute I get money up, I’ll be donating to keep this domain alive. The massive repository of maps, materials, and sounds, coupled with the fast speed, and being free, makes this something everyone should see and support. Good job!

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